How To Show All Files in MacOSX Yosemite via Terminal

Author: , October 29th, 2014

SET THE DEFAULT TO SHOW Run this command in a Terminal window: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES Relaunch Finder: Hold down the Option/ALT key on your keyboard, then right-click the Finder icon in the dock and select Relaunch. SET THE DEFAULT TO HIDE defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO then relaunch finder as above.

How To See the Full MySQL Process List

Author: , September 10th, 2013

1 mysql -u {user} –password={password} -h -e ‘show full processlist\G’ mysql -u {user} –password={password} -h -e ‘show full processlist\G’

How To View the Current Settings for git remote

Author: , July 4th, 2013

1 2 cd {repository_directory} git remote -v show cd {repository_directory} git remote -v show

How To Hook the jQuery DataTables Page Size Event

Author: , May 23rd, 2012

1 2 3 $(’.dataTables_length select’).live(’change’, function(){    alert(this.value); }); $(‘.dataTables_length select’).live(‘change’, function(){ alert(this.value); });