How To Expand an NVMe EBS Volumes After a Disk Resize on Amazon Linux

Author: , February 19th, 2021

First, use lsblk to see the raw partitions:

Note how the partition at 259:1 is only 20GB, while the entire disk at 259:0 is 40GB. A partition resize is required in this case.

For an EXT4 filesystem, use the resize2fs command instead:

For more information, please visit the AMW Docs:

How To Grow EBS Volumes on AWS

Author: , June 27th, 2014

PROCEDURE FOR NON-ROOT FILESYSTEMS: Run the df command and record the device path for the mount point you wish to grow. Unmount the filesystem to insure consistency. Detach the volume from the instance. Create a snapshot of the unmounted filesystem. Create a volume from the snapshot, specifying a larger size in the new volume form. […]

Amazon Offers New Options for Disaster Recovery Operations

Author: , December 18th, 2012

Today AWS announced the ability to copy EBS snapshots to other regions, with the ability to copy AMIs coming soon. This is a HUGE improvement, and one that will allow IT architects to create automated DR solutions across AWS regions providing significant resilience against outages. Dear Amazon EC2 Customer, We are delighted to announce the […]