How To rsync Only Specific File Extensions

Author: , February 5th, 2017

rsync -avzn –progress –include=’*.png’ –include=’*/’ –exclude=’*’ /the/source/path/ user@theServer:/the/target/path/

How To Copy Top-Level Directory Only Using rsync

Author: , June 17th, 2015

Regular Files: rsync -av –no-r –progress /volumes/source/* /volumes/destination/ Dot Files: rsync -av –no-r –progress /volumes/source/.* /volumes/destination/

How To Install s3cmd

Author: , June 7th, 2013

Install Procedure Download and extract into /usr/local: 1 2 3 4 5 6 cd /usr/local/bin ln -s /usr/local/s3cmd-1.0.1/s3cmd /usr/local/bin/s3cmd –configure Access Key: {ACCESS_KEY} Secret Key: {SECRET_KEY} Encryption password: {PASSWORD} cd /usr/local/bin ln -s /usr/local/s3cmd-1.0.1/s3cmd /usr/local/bin/s3cmd –configure Access Key: {ACCESS_KEY} Secret Key: {SECRET_KEY} Encryption password: {PASSWORD} Configuration saved to ‘/root/.s3cfg’ Command Line Examples List all […]

How To Use Rsync With An FTP Server

Author: , February 25th, 2012

Prerequisites: curlftpfs and rsync programs must be installed! Create a mount point, then mount the remote directory: 1 2 mkdir /path/to/mount/ftp/server/on curlftpfs -o user=yourLogin:yourPassword yourServer /path/to/mount mkdir /path/to/mount/ftp/server/on curlftpfs -o user=yourLogin:yourPassword yourServer /path/to/mount Now rsync the mounted FTP directory to your local directory: 1 rsync -av –progress /path/to/mount/ftp/server/on/ /path/on/local/host/ rsync -av –progress /path/to/mount/ftp/server/on/ /path/on/local/host/